Syrian Brown Bear

(Ursus arctos syriacus)
BearSyrianBrown HENDRIX
Creator: HENDRIX
UXP European Expeditions
Status: Available
Release date: Unknown
Credits: None
Public Domain? Yes[1]
Required Exps: None
Required Downloads: None
Where to find:


Biome Hacks

European Expeditions Biome Hack
(Moves the Syrian Brown Bear to Mediterranean Scrub biome)
Creator: The Beeg One
Status: Available
Release date: Jan 1, 2016
Credits: None
Public Domain? Yes
Required Exps: None
Required Downloads: Mediterranean Scrub (Aurora Designs)
Where to find: The ZT2 Round Table


  1. "You can use ANYTHING i have ever made. ;)" - Stated by HENDRIX at the Aurora Designs Forums